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Full Stack Developer

Vacancy open: 29th November 2017—20th December 2017



We are looking for a talented and committed full-stack (PHP/JS/Front-end) developer to help with our application and website development.

Your primary focus will be the development of APIs and integrations for Carbonate (, our HR app, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. You will be responsible for integrating the front-end and back-end elements built by both your co-workers and other third party organisations.

Occasionally, though, you will also have to work on:

  • Proof-of-concept apps for startups we’re working with (some are really cool)
  • Games
  • Promotional and company websites with some cool front-end stuff.

Tell us how you’re going to make the world better, we’d be happy to have you on board.


You will be tasked to oversee and perform:

  • Extending the existing API for blockchain operations
  • Extending and maintaining front-end web applications and building tech demos
  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code
  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications
  • Implementation of security and data protection
  • Integration of data storage solutions
  • Integration of third party APIs


Here is what we expect from you:

  • Being the smartest person in the team
  • If working with Javascript, think pure Javascript. Frameworks are cool, but frameworks alone are not cool enough
  • Ok, frameworks: Angular, React for front-end, Laravel, Lumen for backend (Django and Rails as a bonus)
  • More importantly than frameworks is the ability to learn new frameworks
  • Very thorough understanding of PHP, including PHP 7
  • Building fast, fluid, responsive front-end (HTML, CSS, anyone?)
  • Ability to build a one-page web app from scratch
  • Ability to write clean, commented and maintainable code. Spaghetti is only good in the dish
  • Having a basic understanding of usability and UX.
  • Ability to create database schemas that represent and support business processes
  • Strong understanding and already make use of Git
  • Expressing your thoughts clearly

Don’t worry if you don’t match one or two of the requirements above — nobody is perfect.

Compensation package

If you fit in, we will offer these goodies:

  • a very competitive salary
  • 5 day working week in a nice cozy office
  • self-improvement opportunities
  • regular company lunches
  • a team of well-motivated and fun people