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QA Lead — June 2018

Vacancy open: 13th June 2018—13th July 2018



We build software. Websites and apps (both web and mobile).

We have a team that writes code and we need someone to spot when and how things can go wrong. This someone has to be attentive and pedantic enough to notice the smallest details being off, yet reasonable enough to know when to stop.

As a lead, we also expect you to bring best practices to make your work (and thus the output quality) more efficient, and mentor the rest of the QA team.


  • Developing a QA strategy. Knowing when and what to automate is essential
  • Producing meaningful and accurate test reports
  • Mentoring and managing a team of testers
  • Work with the project team to produce the timeline estimates


Here is what we expect from you:

  • Knowledge of both manual and automated testing methods.
  • Experience with both web (Selenium) and mobile (XCUITest, Robotium) test automation toolkits
  • Good communication and language skills.
  • Patience, empathy and common sense.
  • Good understanding of the entire technology stack and, particularly, application security
  • At least some understanding of usability and UX.
  • Expressing your thoughts clearly. Did we mention communication skills?

Don’t worry if you don’t match one or two of the requirements above — nobody is perfect.

Compensation package

If you fit in, we will offer these goodies:

  • a very competitive salary
  • 5 day working week in a nice cozy office
  • self-improvement opportunities
  • regular company lunches
  • a team of well-motivated and fun people