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System Administrator — Ahmedabad

Vacancy open: 28th November 2017—20th December 2017

We’re looking for an experienced System Administrator to help us manage our growing number of projects and related infrastructure (which is mostly hosted on Azure).

Here’s what we expect from an ideal candidate:

  • Decent knowledge of both Windows and Linux administration, with advanced knowledge of either.
  • Good understanding of system security policies and ability to adapt them to various team and client set-ups
  • Deep knowledge in setting up services such as mongo, SQL and Solr
  • Knowledge of setting up Sitecore will be extremely advantageous
  • Very good with error logging and reading
  • Understands how to optimise a server to ensure that resources are managed properly
  • Advanced level of either Bash or PowerShell (see point 1), with a working knowledge of both.
  • Since we are using Azure, knowledge of Azure CLI is a great plus.
  • If something is repeated more than once, you write a script for it. If you see someone else who’s repeating things more than once, you write it for them.
  • Maintaining 100% uptime is a personal challenge for you.
  • You have a screw-up story to tell.