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Carddio Pte Ltd: Mobile App

“A one stop smart solution in the form of a mobile application to save and share business contacts. Carddio is a mobile application that allows SME business owners a quick and easy way to manage the name cards they collect. The application is built to help SME management gain better insights from their sales teams. Carddio is built as a SAAS based mobile application for these SME sales staff and a web based application for the management. “

Sodainmind has been working with Carddio Pte Ltd since the inception of the idea, helping to first conduct a market study. This was followed by a prototype to help the foundger get some initial buy-in on the product. After this process was completed, a quick round of UI/UX was conducted and a team was quickly put together for the development of the project. All in all, Carddio’s team consists of web developers as well as native mobile application developers.

Carddio Login Detail Image
Simple yet elegant login for different roles of users
Carddio Camera Detail Image
App scanning the Cards and keep it safe in cloud
Carddio Contact Detail Image
Shows a list of Contacts scanned, stored and retrieved from Cloud

Services : Design, Development, DevOps, Mobile application development, Website Technology Team, Mobile Application Technology Team, Marketing consultancy

Released: 19th March 2019