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Rayft: Web Application

Rayft is a web based system that helps bridge the gap between authors of financial reviews who are busy providing well curate researched content and readers who are willing to pay to for such articles. Readers pay only for the reports they read and how much they read. Authors earn from the individual reports being read by readers, giving an environment where both the parties can co-exist. This keeps it fair for both parties.

Soda In Mind has been a integeral part for this product right from the very begining when the Idea was been scratched on paper. Our core UI/UX team understood the requirements to built a super rich UI that not only fulfils the least required objective of making it easy and handy for the users but is also capable and working in wide range of devices including mobiles, tablets and computers.

This was a product that required high scalbility and continous availability which gave us an oppurtunity to use the cutting edge technologies. Sodainmind has always been actively providing assistance in the areas of design and development of the application with a team of highly efficient dedicated developers. Elements of online marketing are also infused into the website to ensure data is collected for performance improvements.

Rayft Explore Trending Image
Rich option to explore the articles and labelled under different categories
Rayft Author Compose Article Image
An easy to use elegant UI for the Authors to create and publish articles

Services : Design, Development, DevOps, Website Technology Team

Released: 10th December 2018