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RHAD: Web App

Rhad is a brand new digital marketing agency in Singapore and Indonesia that focuses on interactive campaigns as well as sports and events marketing. Rhad was established in partnership with Dog Digital UK. Being a Sitecore gold partner in Singapore has helped Rhad stay true to its core focus of running data driven campaigns.

Sodainmind has worked with RHAD since inception to help form a core team of marketers who understand data analysis and technology to help bring clients the ROI they want while trying to bring creative ideas to life. Sodainmind also provides additional development support for projects that need interactive development in areas such as VR, Augmented Reality, campaign tracking technology implementation and also for consultancy on technology roadmaps.

RHAD Home Image
A fully configurable CMS for RHAD agency

Services : Marketing, Development, DevOps

Released: 1st January 2018