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Young and Rubicam: M1 Totem Microsite

Cirque du Soleil came to Singapore with their new TOTEM show for the first time. We collaborated with Young and Rubicam Singapore to develop a fully responsive promotional microsite that would match the show’s magical grandeur.

M1 Totem Microsite: Screen 1
The site uses subtle parallax techniques and other eye-candy effects to create a fairy atmosphere
M1 Totem Microsite: Screen 5
The site looked good on tablets and mobile devices, too

Two addictive cirque-themed games allowed the most successful players to win the coveted TOTEM tickets for themselves and their friends or family.

M1 Totem Microsite: Screen 2
The Balancing act game required the players to collect as many bowls as possible within 1 minute. People played for hours.
M1 Totem Microsite: Screen 3
Our particular pride is the physics-based flexible bar here

An Instagram contest was set up as an additional promotional channel, with hundreds of hashtag submissions.

M1 Totem Microsite: Screen 4

Released: 23rd September 2015